Published Works

Like Clocking Fuckwork

Like Clocking Fuckwork Cover Preview l

A novella.

Torben is a retired undefeated boxing champion, and he wants to die. He wants to die at the hands of another fighter, finally losing fair and square. To his frustration the concrete floor of his rented warehouse is a graveyard for involuntary candidates not up to the task. Where does he go from here, will he get away with his unintended killing spree and why does he want to die in the first place?


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Poison Flour: A Fish goes for a Swim and ends up Drowning

A Fish goes for a Swim and ends up Drowning

A short-story. First part of Poison Flour, a series of stories of varying length.

A plant that makes people friendly and unselfish? Clearly highly weaponizable in the wrong hands. The short story A Fish goes for a Swim and ends up Drowning is the first part of the Poison Flour series, revolving around the subject.


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An Old Jigsaw

An old Jigsaw

A collection of poetry and flash fiction about the millennial experience of growing up in this world of ours, of trying to find your place and that feeling of wanting to stay in the moment while at the same time being in a rush to get on with the rest of your life. Originated as a collection on Wattpad, but an extended version has since been made available as an ebook.



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C4 2kX


Poetry collection.


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