That which can’t be named

I know it seems like strange times now, but ‘corruption’ once used to be quite seriously frowned upon. Like a big deal and everything.

Now it’s not even a thing. The word doesn’t add anything that’s not already covered by ‘politics’ and ‘lobbyism’.

Politicians bought and paid for by private interests?
Yeah? So? Who else are they going to work for?
The voters?
Get a grip you hippie!


The International Nationalists and United Fanatics Anthem

Unity through Selfishness.
Responsible Ignorance.
Safe Violence.

Everyone Salute your local most Flag,
and sing along:

‘Every man for himself,
get a gun,
shoot yourself in the foot.’

And may the Massive Spiritual Step-Daddy
in the Sky
forever bless these
Not-Quite United Nation States
for Me and Mine
and No One else
must surely be
his favorite


Remember that weekend we got away
just the two of us
and we were arguing the whole time?
Remember when we went on vacation
to catch some sun on the beach
and it was raining the entire week?
Weren’t those some of the best times of our lives?

Listen. Remember this song?
How we used to fucking hate it?
Let’s dance and sing along!
We do know all the words by heart.

Remember how great everything used to be
when we were young?
Before all of that and all of them.
I don’t care what they say,
if it weren’t for all of that and all of them
it could still be like that,
because, you know,

A Powerful Thing.

Ey, why am I wearing these rose-colored glasses?
I don’t Remember putting them on.