Mechanical Habitat

Long distances.
So very long distances.
Unnecessarily long distances.
Traversing the car park alone takes minutes.
Nobody lives close to the grocery store.
There’s no convenience stores anymore.
They’re not convenient.
Not unless.

Peculiar looks through the corner of eyes.
Angry looks at his back.
This one is using his legs for actual transportation.
What is this?
Why isn’t he using this
temporarily convenient
on political life support?
Let’s dissect and see what’s wrong with him.
This is still the eighteen hundreds after all.
We just have shinier tools.
The eighteen hundreds
with shinier tools.
Shinier and more efficient tools.
Mindless industry.
Let’s just fucking make something.
Preferably plastic.
We can’t have all this
wonderfully beautiful
lying around
and we must use our shiny and efficient tools.
And toys.
So many toys.
Also shiny and efficient.
Entertainment is an empty constant.
Friendships are pointless playthings.
Abstract concepts.

Look at our shiny tools.
And toys.
Tools and toys.
Toys and tools.
Shiny and efficient.
So very very efficient.
It’s a mechanical habitat.


I can’t believe this needs to be said

It’s hard to fathom that there can be a need for these words to be said in this day and age (or actually in any day and age) but there undoubtedly is, so I’m going to.

I’m however not going to present them in any specific context but instead let you (whomever is reading this) simply apply them where they fit, which is a frighteningly simple task these days.

Here goes:

No, you are not either righteous or brave because you dare speak about something that is abundantly debated all over the place all the time.
In fact you rather forfeit your mandate to assess the scope and health of a debate when you cathegorically refuse to listen to anyone you don’t agree with.


No, you are not the only one(s) with a solution to a problem if

a) there actually is no problem.

b) you yourself don’t actually have a solution to the problem either.

Silence: A celebration and a plea

I want to take some time to celebrate silence.
And I don’t mean the state of silence, that utterly wonderful thing that allows you to contemplate and feel the world’s existence.
No, I mean the act of being silent, as in not speaking, keeping quiet, shutting up.
It used to be commonly celebrated in times passed, as evidenced by the large number of sayings about it, from all over the world, such as

To speak is silver. To keep silent is gold.

It’s better to keep quiet and let people think you’re stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

to name just a couple.

This is certainly not the case anymore. We’ve collectively perfected the skill to constantly keep our mouths running without actually saying anything and yet it’s even worse when we do. The most overrated character trait in our day and age is without a doubt ‘not being afraid to express one’s opinion’. We are priding ourselves on having opinions about everything while knowing nothing about anything and in my experience the people who pride themselves the most on not being afraid to express their opinions are themselves the least likely to respect and value the opinions of others and the most likely to present their opinions as fact.

And here’s a tip: if you only speak when you have something valuable to say and choose your words well, you’ll find that people will actually listen to and value what you have to say.

You’re welcome.

have a great weekend everyone and do yourself a favor,
Shut the Fuck Up


I am afraid
of cars.

I do not like them.
They scare me.
They give me the creeps,
which is unfortunate ’cause they’re everywhere.

Everyone else seems perfectly comfortable
hurling themselves around in a giant steel monstrosity,
as if the most obvious thing in the world.
It’s not obvious. Not to me.
It doesn’t seem obvious to me at all.
I don’t like it. I don’t want to do it.

Behind the wheel I feel destructive and dangerous.
I don’t like to feel destructive and dangerous.
I like to feel constructive and generous.

But still,

I’m afraid of cars.
What kind of a man does that make me?

Vroom Vroom.
Get out of the way.
Here comes my fucking stereotype.

A Fork in the Road…

…is a seriously grandiose title for this blogpost, but there you go. I’ve been pondering over what I should do with this website of mine, and specifically whether I should keep it as a strictly informative website type of thing or if I should take it more in the direction of a blog, and I have decided on the latter alternative. So this thing, whatever it will turn out to be, will se a lot more action in the time to come.

What you will actually find here I haven’t quite gotten around to figure out yet but let’s take that as it comes eh? With me being an author and all there will probably be the odd short story, some poetry every once in a while but mostly just random thoughts. Based on what I think I know about myself there’s a great chance I’ll be ranting about some injustice or other of this world of ours from time to time as well as share with you experiences of finding beauty and amusement in the smaller things in life. You should probably also expect the popping up of short but rather well researched essays on random topics as I’m keen on knowing things about stuff.

That’s all for now but, you know, buckle up and hold on to your hat. This is gonna be fun.