Curiosity, kill the fat cats

Found a note
in a bottle
floating in a puddle
in the corner of an alley.

It said
“if you’re reading this,

the future of humanity
is resting on your shoulders.”


sorry; fuck, and please prove me wrong

everything is going to be okay
that is the one lie I always chose to believe
even though
even now
I try
from time to time
but things just are
that is the truth
and the only thing you can ever really change
is your perspective
that is why
we are all alone
in the end
and the selfish people always get to lead the way
blind, dumb, deaf and dead
and please prove me wrong
prove me wrong


Do you remember that time, back when you were little, when a new kid was suddenly transferred to your school in the middle of a semester?

Yes? Do you remember how everything fell apart after that? How the school buckled under the invasion of that one kid? The crisis that followed? How you had to sit on the floor and share books because there weren’t enough benches and books for everyone? How you were only served bread and water for lunch because the school couldn’t afford food?

No? That didn’t happen? That didn’t happen at all? Everything went on just like before? If anything bad happened at all it was that the new kid her(him)self had a bit of a rough time settling in for a while?

Ok. Nevermind. #refugees #immigration #welcome