Turmoil in the Corporate Bathroom

Hey there
so called man
in the mirror.

What’s wrong with you?!

You’re not even close
to being
who you never wanted
to be.
It’s like you’re not even trying!

How hard can it be
to just
put your head down
and work for all that
you never wanted
in the first place?

Stop whining!
Must everything be so difficult?

Just pick a personality
from the
glittery sample book
They come pre-packaged, you know,
with instruction manuals,
and look,
they’re all on sale!
And why must you focus
on the
bloodstains on it?
It’s not your blood,
or your family’s.
What’s it to you?
Pretend it’s ketchup
and go buy some
fucking fries
for lunch.

Show, don’t Tell

our world is at war

a war for our minds
a war for our souls
a war for us all

this war can’t be won
with bullets and bombs

peace can’t win through violence
freedom can’t win by taking prisoners
you can’t teach a man the sanctity of human life
by trying to kill him
you can’t teach him the value of human rights
by denying him his

they can’t win
they have already lost
condemning themselves
to be
drowning in hatred

don’t hate them
don’t fear them
feel sorry for them
feel sorry for their families
they were children once
with lives to live
somebody’s sons

we can still win
the battle is for our souls
it’s hard to love
in the face of hatred
we must

or we’re all lost

peace and freedom
can only ever win
showing the world
they truly are

setting an example