Are we really all that interesting?

by cwviderkull

In debates about whether or not time travel will ever be possible the argument is often raised that it will probably not since if it would be made possible in the future someone would (have) travel(led) back to our time and we would know about it. This is of course a fair point to make but one that has a number of straightforward counterarguments, two of which are also usually presented:

Someone could have travelled back but not made themselves known, perhaps because they didn’t want to cause such a disruption to the past and thereby the future.

Someone could have travelled back and indeed made themselves known but in doing so been taken for crazy.

There is however also a third and perhaps significantly more likely scenario that I have yet to see anyone present:

Perhaps the moment in human history of which we possess awareness are entirely too…

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What is Art?

by cwviderkull

I recently found myself discussing, or perhaps rather brainstorming, this question with a bunch of friends of mine and I can honestly say that I don’t think anyone listening in on our conversation would have emerged on the other side any wiser. We threw around concepts such as ‘beauty’, ‘imagination’, ‘creativity’, ‘aesthetics’, ‘provocation’, ‘avant garde’ and many, many, more and ended up somewhere in between the albeit true yet essentially nonsensical statement that what is considered art is unique to each and every individual and that art stems from us as humans having a need to express ourselves and connect with the world on an emotional level. And there we left it as we moved on to other subjects.

But I have since found myself pondering the subject and if you allow me to indulge in some philosophical explication I believe I have managed to drill down to the core…

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Do you remember that time, back when you were little, when a new kid was suddenly transferred to your school in the middle of a semester?

Yes? Do you remember how everything fell apart after that? How the school buckled under the invasion of that one kid? The crisis that followed? How you had to sit on the floor and share books because there weren’t enough benches and books for everyone? How you were only served bread and water for lunch because the school couldn’t afford food?

No? That didn’t happen? That didn’t happen at all? Everything went on just like before? If anything bad happened at all it was that the new kid her(him)self had a bit of a rough time settling in for a while?

Ok. Nevermind. #refugees #immigration #welcome