Running with Scissors


Running through the streets of the inner city concrete jungle hill, he suddenly found himself imagining the place some three or four centuries earlier; turning at the corner of Leafy Forest Street and Spring Leap Drive, it wasn’t difficult.

It struck him how little things had changed even though everything was different.

Closing his eyes for a second or two, he pictured himself leaping over stones and fallen branches, hunted by woodland robbers with feathers in their caps, and bows and arrows ready, the village’s collected taxes dangling in a leather pouch from his hand, rather than from his former friends, and their locked and loaded semiautomatics, with the taped up stash of drugs they were willing to kill him for.


Originally published on Medium.

Photo from Pixabay.


An old jigsaw

They sat one evening on the riverbank
shielding themselves from the wind in each other’s arms.
He was breathing in the fresh air
and she was shivering.

She said ‘as we’re sitting here life is passing us by just like the water’.
He said ‘you and me here in this moment is life’.

He said ‘if we had planned ahead we wouldn’t be sitting here like this right now’.
She said ‘if we had planned ahead we would have already been home’.

And then they both said ‘I love you’.


This poem was originally published in 2015 and is the title piece of An Old Jigsaw, my first collection of poetry and flash fiction.

Ask and you shall receive

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