john hurts

thing is though
you sometimes feel
an inescapable cold
and blankets won’t help
cause it’s
radiating outwards
from the
suffering of your soul


You and me and layers of debris

Glorious youths
stolen after the fact
mummified cultural dead ends
drained of meaning
mined for nostalgia.

Anthropologists study
our High School yearbooks
scratching their heads.

All those snowboards
and Playstation 2s
must have been used
by someone.

Death and other pastimes

deep as death
I’ve always slept
without a dream
or so it’ve seemed
kind of ironic
given that I’ve always been a dreamer
for a long time seeming like the only one
til johnny told me otherwise
in the voice of my mother
from before I was born
though I’ll always feel the part
on my walk
through the pine riddled
blueberry fields forever
where appropriated rune stones whisper
in the voices of the always silent
about present pasts
that never was
and always will be.