Ghost Busting

I’m unpublishing two of my self-published e-books. The novella Like Clocking Fuckwork

Like Clocking Fuckwork Cover Preview l

and the short story, and first part and introduction to would have been series, Poison Flour: A Fish goes for a Swim and ends up Drowning

A Fish goes for a Swim and ends up Drowning

will no longer be available anywhere. The reason for this is that, let’s be honest, I don’t have it in me to do nearly enough promotion and right now I’m feeling like they might, in fact, be shit to begin with anyway. I’m probably also shutting down my author account on Goodreads, because it’s doing absolutely nothing for me, creatively, socially or promotionally.

I’m keeping my two poetry books out there

An old Jigsaw    c42kx-done-g-liten

because … why not, and if I ever start harbouring illusions about it again I might eventually serialize the novella on Medium. We’ll see.

As you were.


2 thoughts on “Ghost Busting

  1. To be fair there is an awful lot of rubbish that has been (and continues to be) published, and in the end it does all come down to promotion, blagging and who you know. I am reminded of Noel Gallagher who said that, when after a recording deal, he travelled with the band to London, convinced the company that they had an album ready to release, and, on the train back, commented that thet had better write some songs.
    I’m sure we’ve all had doubts about our writing, but if only one other person likes what we do then perhaps it is worth it.
    All the best.

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  2. Thanks, and you’re right. There’s so much being published just everyday and I honestly don’t think that self-publishing (really) works for anyone, regardless of the quality of their work, unless

    – you’re incredibly lucky
    – you’re real talent lies in social media strategy
    – you’ve got connections in, or serious money to spend on, advertising
    – you’re writing books about how to write or publish a book rather than writing an actual book.

    I agree that writing is worth it if just one other person likes your work, but self-publishing will never be a worth while way to reach that person for me, that much is clear.

    All the best to you as well.


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