Pledge of Reason

by cwviderkull

I hereby Pledge

that I will always remain open
to the possibility
that everything I believe and hold to be true
might be wrong;

that I will always oblige myself
to continuously and relentlessly
justify logically
to myself
my every conviction;

that if I ever feel afraid
to engage openly and honestly
in a debate or conversation
for fear of having my convictions shaken
I shall uncompromisingly read this
as a sign
that my convictions are probably wrong;

and Concede

that if I ever express
a sentiment that boils down to
‘nothing you say could ever change my mind’
I shall from that point forward
be regarded as a fanatic
and not be taken seriously.

If you read that you are now my witness of having taken the pledge and if you agree with me that these are valuable positions to stand by in the world today please feel…

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