Fearing Not Nothing at all

Preparing for that
which comes after
your time
is a tempting
and seemingly worthy
for you are but alive
for the blink of an eye
and you will then be dead

your legacy belongs
to those
not yet conceived.
They will write it,
and write it they will
to their taste.
Only those moments
that pass
while you breathe
are yours
and they’re all yours
to waste.

Let them say
we did not make the most
of our time.
Let them say that
we could have been more,
that we lived for the moment
more often than not
and didn’t mind being forgot.
Let them say that
we lived once
before we did not.
Let them say nothing about us at all.


4 thoughts on “Fearing Not Nothing at all

  1. Something I’ve thought of recently so thank you. For me, life is a war between feeling I should be careful/plan or break the mold and genuinely act as if I’ll die tomorrow. The former is much a kill joy.

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