Mechanical Habitat

Long distances.
So very long distances.
Unnecessarily long distances.
Traversing the car park alone takes minutes.
Nobody lives close to the grocery store.
There’s no convenience stores anymore.
They’re not convenient.
Not unless.

Peculiar looks through the corner of eyes.
Angry looks at his back.
This one is using his legs for actual transportation.
What is this?
Why isn’t he using this
temporarily convenient
on political life support?
Let’s dissect and see what’s wrong with him.
This is still the eighteen hundreds after all.
We just have shinier tools.
The eighteen hundreds
with shinier tools.
Shinier and more efficient tools.
Mindless industry.
Let’s just fucking make something.
Preferably plastic.
We can’t have all this
wonderfully beautiful
lying around
and we must use our shiny and efficient tools.
And toys.
So many toys.
Also shiny and efficient.
Entertainment is an empty constant.
Friendships are pointless playthings.
Abstract concepts.

Look at our shiny tools.
And toys.
Tools and toys.
Toys and tools.
Shiny and efficient.
So very very efficient.
It’s a mechanical habitat.

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