Peace of Mind. Do we want it? Should we?

The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is ‘No’. Peace of mind is one of those things that most people assume they want but never really think about what it means, and most probably wouldn’t want if they did. Or so I have come to believe. Hear me out.

I, like most people, have casually believed myself to seek peace of mind, or at least pictured it as something worthy of aspiring towards. Many a time have I wished to be sure enough of myself and my convictions to never have to doubt my own judgement or decisions. But this, I have realized, is an error of thought. An exercise in vanity.

Peace of mind is reserved for the fanatic.
Doubt, regret, guilt and shame are the burdens we bear in exchange
for free will, free thought and reason.

To seek peace of mind is to welcome indoctrination
and few of us would do that if aware.

And this is important, not least for the reason that we live in a society that acknowledge and respect our convictions more the stronger we hold them, where we are taken more seriously the surer we seem of ourselves and the louder we shout, where doubt is almost always perceived as a weakness. The result of this can never be anything other than polarization and fanatics in positions of power.


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