sorry; fuck, and please prove me wrong

everything is going to be okay
that is the one lie I always chose to believe
even though
even now
I try
from time to time
but things just are
that is the truth
and the only thing you can ever really change
is your perspective
that is why
we are all alone
in the end
and the selfish people always get to lead the way
blind, dumb, deaf and dead
and please prove me wrong
prove me wrong

Death and other pastimes

deep as death
I’ve always slept
without a dream
or so it’ve seemed
kind of ironic
given that I’ve always been a dreamer
for a long time seeming like the only one
til johnny told me otherwise
in the voice of my mother
from before I was born
though I’ll always feel the part
on my walk
through the pine riddled
blueberry fields forever
where appropriated rune stones whisper
in the voices of the always silent
about present pasts
that never was
and always will be.

Turmoil in the Corporate Bathroom

by cwviderkull

Hey there
so called man
in the mirror.

What’s wrong with you?!

You’re not even close
to being
who you never wanted
to be.
It’s like you’re not even trying!

How hard can it be
to just
put your head down
and work for all that
you never wanted
in the first place?

Stop whining!
Must everything be so difficult?

Just pick a personality
from the
glittery sample book
They come pre-packaged, you know,
with instruction manuals,
and look,
they’re all on sale!
And why must you focus
on the
bloodstains on it?
It’s not your blood,
or your family’s.
What’s it to you?
Pretend it’s ketchup
and go buy some
fucking fries
for lunch.

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