Today is a brand new day!

Like Clocking Fuckwork Cover Preview

But yesterday was as good a day as any, so let’s hang on to it a little bit more. I’m extending the release day offer for the new edition of my novella Like Clocking Fuckwork and will give away another 25 copies. Get it here and use coupon code UY96Q to get it for free!


Naked Still before the World I Stand

Call me naive.
Call me a hopeless dreamer.
Call me a stubborn product
of a childhood in the nineties,

flimsy and irrelevant
to the world as is.

We were born into the world
as naked as our emperors,
standing on the shoulders
of giant fairies
looking far
towards a future
that would never come.

Forgive us
for we share not
your cynicism,
at least not in our hearts,

and we still believe
in the
naked and complicated
beauty of a snowflake
rather than the
simple and comfortable
sizeable power
of a snowball.

Birds and shit, man. Damn.

There was a time
when his heart would not
stop singing

so he ripped it
from his chest
and stuck it in a cage
that he hung from
the ceiling.

that cage is
a rusty old eyesore
and the song itself
at best a sporadic
joyful annoyance

but no amount of
can stop it from

day or night
like a blind owl

and he doesn’t
have the heart
to kill it.

Language Barrier Reef

One of the things I love most
about being abroad is being surrounded
by people speaking foreign languages;
languages I don’t understand.
Every conversation seems intriguing.
There’s an endless array
of possibilities
for what is being talked about.
People seem so very interesting
when you don’t understand
what they are actually saying…